Love Bytes

‘did you feel those butterflies whenever he was around,’ she enquired,

‘Of course ! Who wouldn’t feel tremors your heart sends every time it sees him.’

Musings #12

Sometimes it takes me days,

Sometimes even months.

To escape the wilderness of nature,

and get back to this holy sanctity of words.

Motivation, Inspiration, and Ideas,

Doesn’t exist when I am happy.

Why is it so?

Pain brings out the best in me.

Pain takes me to places I’ve never been.

Pain is the trigger for my writing,

and trust me, my friend,

pain is inevitable just like death…

P.S. It’s purely fictional.


Musings #11

Be a slave to your habits.

Be a demon to your fears.

Be a hurricane to your worries.

Sometimes, it’s good to be bad..

Musings #4

Yes, our choices define us.

I chose to be happy, I am

I chose to let go off my worries

I chose to keep getting better at what I do

I chose to remember the good things around me

I chose to feel immensely thankful for the life given to me

Yes, our choices define us..

So what are you choosing today?


the solace I found in writing is nowhere to be found now.

the things which I wanted to achieve to attain happiness

are achieved but happiness is nowhere to be found.

Realised late but soon, that its all in my thoughts,

I decided to be happy now and I am.

No Reason, No commitments, no source.

Only my thought and that is what I wish for you.

Peep inside once,

maybe the answers are there hidden somewhere

awaiting to be acknowledged…


Life Book

People will prick you all the time,

decide who’s worth?

People will tell you things are hard,

try it for yourself and prove your worth.

People will leave you when you need them the most,

let them go, you’ll get stronger at your worst.

People will misguide you on your journey,

stay firm on your roots with peace and harmony…

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