The Stairways

She stood there,
reminiscing those stairways.
it was that place,
that place,where it all started,
she never used to believe in miracles,
but,this was the place she found him,
his son,wrapped up in a cloth,new born,
crying,begging for attention,begging for love.
To the world what seemed to be cruelty,
To her,it was nothing less than a blessing in disguise!!

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“Always behave like a duck,

keep calm and unruffled on

the surface,but,paddle

with great vigor underneath.”


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Love Fights


ruffled sheets,wet pillows,

the cold talk,back to back sleeping.


cuddled up to each other,

hands intertwined,

blanket over their head,

sleeping peacefully.

love is inseparable,

love is war,

at every moment,

loose something with no

wish of gaining in return!!




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Love Birds

She stood there,
waiting for him as usual,
this had become their routine..
while,he was standing at
far corner,just looking at her,
that eagerness, that longing,
that checking her watch
every ten seconds,
that pacing to and fro,
he loved that,this was all for him..
Coz,where words fail, actions hail!!
Truly,Madly,Deeply were in love
they,deaf and dumb people.

An Excerpt

Play your part and don’t worry about what others do. Believe that God also speaks to them,and that they are as engaged as you are in discovering the meaning of life..

-Brida by Paulo Coelho


his voice played like

a beautiful symphony,

his words were left unheard,

his embrace was what she

needed to get out of that trance.

but,mind was not supportive,

whereas,heart was longing

to be with him.

it was Almighty’s call,

it was fate.

they  were close,yet so far.

Coma,a lifeless body with 

a beating heart.


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