Kuch Alfaz

vo alfaz hamesha kai baatein keh jaate,

kuch gamo ke badle saari khushiyan de jaate…


Life Book

People will prick you all the time,

decide who’s worth?

People will tell you things are hard,

try it for yourself and prove your worth.

People will leave you when you need them the most,

let them go, you’ll get stronger at your worst.

People will misguide you on your journey,

stay firm on your roots with peace and harmony…



Connecting Thoughts – A prompt open to all and for all, to share your views, tiny tidbits and your side of the story through anything you can put in writing. An article, poem, audio, video, quotes, haiku, come up with anything and celebrate your inner writer.

A collaboration between Enigma and Sunshine, we aim to bridge the gaps and holes we have created in our minds about writing. Open up, express yourself freely, we are all ears!!!

Let’s take this forward – grab anything out of this quote and spread your creativity. If nothing strikes you, then you can have the keyword – Alone…

For starters, check Enigma’s post right here

We are waiting, let’s hear you out…


those days, those memories I always cherish,

where just looking at you my smile would widen,

hearing your voice would make my heart skip a beat,

and those pristine moments with you were an heavenly affair..

Kuch Alfaz

Unn bichadi yaadon ko yuhi rehne dena,

pata chala vo aai aur firse

humein nam kar gai..

Let those separated memories stay that way,

I cannot risk loosing myself again in it…

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