Just a Question

Do you often feel tempted to chose the bad side over the good?

Isn’t it weird?

We take an eternity to accept ourselves or sometimes we even don’t.

Then, why do we throw tantrums in accepting others?

Everybody is different, and life would be boring if they were carbon copy of you.

So, why bother wasting time in being sad or vulnerable!

Accept yourself first and then eventually you’ll find accepting others the way they are comparatively easy…

Thinking over it

Whatever comes easy, doesn’t last.

But, whatever comes hard, doesn’ last either!

So, why loose sanity over your troubles?

Be insane about your passion,

& you’ll have nothing to lose!!!



the solace I found in writing is nowhere to be found now.

the things which I wanted to achieve to attain happiness

are achieved but happiness is nowhere to be found.

Realised late but soon, that its all in my thoughts,

I decided to be happy now and I am.

No Reason, No commitments, no source.

Only my thought and that is what I wish for you.

Peep inside once,

maybe the answers are there hidden somewhere

awaiting to be acknowledged…


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