Just a small advice 


Complete the story 

They never saw each other there after. Yet, one day out of the blue, they met at the same place they had been separated. They started wandering through those memory lane ………….

Your childhood is over when…

When you know your little tears won’t make the wall collapse.

When you know your little fears won’t bring a big hug.

When you know your little desires are neglected.

When you know you are the not on priority list.

When you know crying aloud won’t bring solace.

When mom is not the answer to all problems.

When dad is not there to protect you from the outside world.

When you no longer fight with your brother for the TV remote control.

Let’s ignite that lost innocence, let’s be trusted again, let’s be a child again and bring our childhood back..

What are your views about it?

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