Just a Question 

What are you doing to make yourself happy??


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      1. That’s beautiful of you in that situation “you” involve in that task like you are merged with the task in hand and disappear in that, it’s only the task that remains not ” you” 100 % focused.

        This is the intelligent way of living the life always here and now, living in the present moment.

        Hats off !

        Haahaa now to impress you I am thinking better answer than yours …..let me think….

        So here…

        My fun… approach….

        I do what you do exactly but at the same time , I am Conscious about my true self and witness that doing , aware that I am not doer of this act but sheer consciousness who is abode in body , hence never claims the outcome of the action as fruit eventually ever free from the bondage of doership.

        Always feel freedom and relishing eternal fun of life .

        Haahaa it’s just to impress you , hope you are !

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      1. Pls remove all previous replies my dear.Something went wrong I guess…
        Well it’s possible….Be good,Do good,think good and by staying away from interfering into others or letting others to your life.By doing that you can definitely stay away from all drama.Cheers 🙂

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  1. I want to say so many good things in reply on which others can react like “Awwww” “So Sweet” “Amazing” etc etc but i couldn’t find one 😎 haha..its not i am not doing anything to make myself happy but the thing is that i am doing everything only to make myself happy 😉.. but still at the end of day i find its not good enough 😛. I think real happiness is when you need not to do efforts for it. Everyone have those moments but those are effortless so no one can describe them.. only we can see materialistic reasons to define happiness..😊
    Ps : reading your blog also makes me happy 😀

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    1. Wow, even I feel that for anything I write, few words are never enough, this dil expects a lot ya.. Yeah, I agree happiness cannot be bought or achieved but sometimes happiness does have a source through which we feel will be at peace🙂🙂🙂🙂
      P.S. You made my night and you made me happy 😃😃😃😃😃😃 thanks for being so generous Bunny

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