Hear It,Enjoy It

Taaddaaaa, after 2 songs you heard, I hope you are coping well hehehe, so just to give you all another nightmare, here is the third 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


The same I gave before, just to add, that I am very shy to sing in front of my family, so I choose a space where no-one is around and actually whisper the song, that defines everything I guess hehehe..

 Hear It,Enjoy It

Love Bytes

she had never felt this
before, she didn’t knew the
definition of love,
his small talks,
his hugs,
his care,
his possessiveness,
his laugh,
his smile,
all these little things
made big differences,
she was no longer what
she used to be,
she was all his
and his to be..

Thinking over it

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Sometimes all you have to do is

leave everything whatever it is,

sit,relax & think,where your life

is heading,is this what you

always wanted??

Maybe, you could discover yourself

again in this me-time process!!



running through all the bad memories,

pushing away all the nasty incidents,

she went on a voyage to raise above all of them,

just when she hit a cold wall,handsome,muscular,

harsh to the world, soft only to her,

there she gave it all,to him,to his cold wall,

giving a chance again to her life,

showing a way again to her once lost emotion-love..

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