Just a Question 

Hardly anybody speaks of failures, let’s be the first, where have you failed in life??


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  1. Sorry…my hands will pain if I write my failures…soo I am taking failure as part and parcel of life…if you don’t get failures what will you learn?? And some failures are destined..we can’t change them…

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  2. I was failed terribly in my one and only suicide attempt :o.. but that failure made my life worthy. If i was successful there, i won’t be here to tell my failures lol … i know its not the topic to discuss on public platform and also its not in the context to the question 😛 but as i read the question, i wrote the first thing came in my mind.. ^_^

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  3. My first major failure was a failed marriage. I knew nothing about relationships when I married the first time, married the wrong person, and failed throughout. The wrong decision led to a domino effect. I can say I was blessed with 3 great children despite the failed marriage.

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      1. The road to recuperation was a slow one. Honestly, I’m still on the road to some degree. My kids are 4 hours away, and my career was affected thus affecting my financial status. The circumstances were those of betrayal, so I now put a great deal of energy empathizing and walking with those who have experienced similar things. Another failure was getting all my education in ministry and almost solely working in churches. Many churches stigmatize divorce, especially when it is a divorced pastor. Most companies do not want to hire someone who primarily has church experience. Not like we provide leadership, manage teams and the conflict that goes with them, counsel, and do other things that managers and supervisors do lol. Long story short – it is impossible to recuperate from some failures because failures have consequences. The big question is, “Do we allow failure to paralyze us, or do we recognize where we failed, brush off the dust and learn the lessons?”

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      2. You have given us a lesson for life, you stand tall and no matter what move ahead, thanks a lot for being such a sport 🙂
        Yes, the last line is what I agree for, fall, crumble, lie down there for some time, experience the dust there, laugh on what you did, get up, wake up, shout and there you go…

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  4. 1st time??? Failed a lot of times first time I realised when I couldn’t get a good college…….
    I still feel bad about it, when I see my friends having fun in their life, and I am in a fuckall college, with almost no future…….
    Biggest failure so far

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      1. No worries, I am so glad that you stood firm and found a way past your failures, this question was just to ask how did they manage after the failure, you are an example shaggy, thanks a ton for your insight and sorry if I brought back those memories


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